If you are reading this, we are assuming you are a web designer or developer.
If not, there is a good chance alot of the information will make no sense.

How'd you build this site?

We hand built this site with many hours in Sublime Text 2, Adobe CC, Transmit and lots of cups of coffee. We utilized Bootstrap to get us started. It has lot's of built in functionality and enables our site to be responsive to all browser sizes.

Expression Engine

To manage all of our content we use the content management system (CMS) Expression Engine. We like how flexible it is to develop on and the solid plugins you can find to enhance your customizations.


While Bootstrap has a lot of great, built-in jQuery options we still utilized a few plugins to accomplish some of our needs for the site.


A few of our icons were hand-drawn, the others are from Font Awesome. Simple and awesome.


Most of our photography was taken by various people at Lincoln Berean or found on freeimages.com.