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Where do you go when you have questions? Wikipedia? Google? Siri?

Instead of sifting through countless websites, why don’t you just ASK BRAD?

Our Generous Living Pastor, Brad Brestel, answers questions relevant to your financial, legal, and spiritual life such as…

  • How do I arrange a hospital visit from Lincoln Berean staff?
  • Should I sell my home in order to get out of debt?
  • What is the best book on stewardship?
  • How much life insurance should I purchase?
  • Do I need to update my will?
  • I am reaching Medicare age; where can I find resources to help through that process?
  • How does a person begin to love God first and best?
  • How do I meet people at Lincoln Berean?

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This is Brad

(He’s pretty rad.)

Brad Brestel
Pastoral Care Team Director, Generous Living Pastor