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Our Christ-based groups offer a safe place for honest expression of feelings along with the tools and biblical guidance needed for people to grow emotionally and spiritually.

Support + Recovery Groups

You are not alone… let us walk beside you on your journey.

AA Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous is here for men and women who want to do something about their drinking problems.

Join anytime.
Facilitator: Steve, 402.699.4265

Mondays, 7:00-8:00pm
Learn More: Contact Steve

Betrayal and Beyond (for Women)

Experience healing from the pain caused by your spouse’s hurtful behaviors, such as pornography use, affairs, or withholding intimacy from you. Learn how to manage the crisis, the nature of addiction, trauma, codependency, healthy boundaries, grief and anger.

Nine month curriculum
Additional resources available at

Various days & times
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Broken Hearted Parents

Is the behavior of your teen or adult child breaking your heart? There is hope. Here you’ll find a safe place to talk about your situation, share your feelings, and gain Christ-centered perspective from parents with similar experiences.

Facilitators: Steve and Kathy,  402.421.6799

Confidential meeting times
Learn More: Contact Steve/Kathy

Coping with Chronic Pain

Gain greater insight and receive encouragement through this faith-based support group for chronic pain sufferers and the people who support them.

Join anytime.
Facilitators: Tom and Deb

Thursday Evenings
Learn More: Contact Tom/Deb


Learn to apply spiritual truth to personal experiences of separation and divorce.

This is a 13-week class, join anytime. 

Additional resources available at

Wednesday Evenings
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Fresh Hope

A Christ-centered support group for those with mental health challenges and for those who love them. Provides a safe, non-threatening environment for men and women with depression, anxiety and other mood disorders. Discussion and education format.

Join anytime.
Facilitators: Allen, 402.440.4880 and Jamie, 402.440.4182

Tuesday Evenings
Learn More: Contact Allen/Jamie


The loss of a spouse, child, family member or friend can be a confusing time. You may feel isolated or have many questions about things you’ve never faced before. GriefShare helps you face these challenges while offering hope and healing.

Facilitators: Dave and Chris, 402.499.1059

Additional resources available at

Tuesday Evenings
Learn More: Contact Dave/Chris

Healing the Wounded Heart

If you are a woman who has experienced sexual abuse as a child or teen we invite you to join us for Healing the Wounded Heart group. Together, we will walk through the heartache of sexual abuse and the hope of transformation.

Confidential meeting times
Learn More: Contact Patria

Healing from Hidden Abuse 

Hidden abuse leaves no bruises. It happens in the spoken and unspoken experience of relationship, whether within a family or in friendship. There are no broken bones or holes in the walls. The bruises, brokenness, and holes are held tightly within the person. We will explore the subtle and masterful, yet deeply painful ways hidden abuse harms. We will discover a pathway forward into a future filled with hope

Group size is limited. New group beginning in Fall 2019 (7-week class).

Confidential meeting times
Learn More: Contact Janet

Post-Abortion Transformation & Healing

Biblically-based private, online group that offers hope and healing to those afflicted with the guilt and shame of abortion.
This is a joint ministry with the Pregnancy Center, which provides support materials. This is free and confidential. 

Location: Pregnancy Center (111 Piazza Terrace)
Facilitator: Kim, 402.483.4247

Confidential meeting times
Learn More: Contact Kim

Pure Desire: Freedom for Men

Seven Pillars groups are designed to provide a safe place to process addiction to pornography, affairs, or emotional disconnection in marriage, build a lifestyle of accountability, and find healing. This workbook group helps men break denial, bring understanding of sex addiction, and provides practical tools for sobriety. The exercises in the workbook create a structure for freedom and provide the biblical truth necessary to build on.

Multiple, ongoing groups are available.
Additional resources available at

Confidential meeting times
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Pure Desire Women: Unraveled

Unraveled: Managing Love, Sex, and Relationships guides women through the process of healing—exploring how our past pain and trauma, family of origin, and life circumstances shape how we behave in relationships. Through the use of personal stories, strategic tools and exercises, and weekly self-care lessons, we will discover the core of our distorted beliefs, address the shame that drives our behaviors, and write a new ending to our story, crafted with hope and purpose. Walk with us as we discover the truth of God’s love and allow Him to transform our story through the power of His grace. Together we’ll learn how to live an authentic, sexually healthy life.

This nine-month group will begin the first week of September, and will close the end of September in order to create an environment of stability, confidentiality, and community.

Additional resources available at

Confidential meeting times
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Pure Desire: Men’s and Women’s Continuing Recovery 

The Pure Desire groups are meant to start the journey of healing from sexual addiction, yet recovery is an ongoing process of maintaining and building on positive recovery habits. In this group for those who have completed a Pure Desire group, men and women can continue to get support and accountability, explore how to recover as a couple, or discover what holy sexuality looks like for a single person. We start in a big group and then have break out groups for men, women and couples.

Facilitators: Troy, 402.937.4670 and Amanda, 402.417.2210
Additional resources available at

Confidential meeting times
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*Please note: For privacy, not all groups are listed with a date and time. If you are interested in a group that is not listed in the Happenings, be sure to reach out to learn more. 

Support + Recovery Staff

We’re here to offer care and guidance toward freedom that can only be found in Christ.

Janet Friesen
Director of Support+Recovery
Patria Rector
Director of Prayer
Debbie Tenopir
Administrative Assistant: Men, Singles

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