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core classes

In order to create a more clearly-defined spiritual growth path, we have developed our Core Discipleship Curriculum that people can pursue as they seek to grow in their life with Christ.

What next step is God leading you to?

We know there are many great resources here, and the choices can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve create a simple path to help you pursue God more intently. Classes will be offered regularly throughout the year.

I want to know what Lincoln Berean is all about...

Core Intro


An introduction to Lincoln Berean – who we are and what makes our culture unique.

Offered throughout the year • Four-week class or One-day class
Instructors: Mark Kremer, Kathy Hamm

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I want to know how to study scripture for myself...

Core 101


An introduction to the basic structure of the Bible, how to study it and basic Bible doctrines.

Sept.–April • Wednesday Nights • Two-semester class
Instructor: Bryan Clark

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I want to deepen my understanding of the big ideas in Christian Theology...

Core 201


A deeper dive into the full spectrum of Christian theology with an eye towards asking hard questions and cultivating belief.

Wednesday nights • One semester class • Fall & Spring
Instructors: Mark Mathewson, Josh Luse

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I want to understand how to grow spiritually...

Core 301


This class is designed to help God’s people understand how God intends for us to grow and how we can cooperate with Him in that process.

Wednesdays  • One semester class • Fall & Spring
Instructor: Ryan Harmon

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I want to know how to impact others for Christ...

Core 401


Will be offered at a future date. 

CORE Elective Classes

The classes offered as a CORE Elective will change from semester to semester and year to year.

I want to study the Old Testament...

Core Elective

Old Testament

This class will help you to understand the unifying themes of the Old Testament and understand why it’s relevant for Christians.

Sundays • One semester class • Fall 2018
Instructor: Mark Mathewson

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I want to study a Gospel...

Core Elective


This Gospel has much to teach us about being disciples–we will study Jesus’ life and words, seeking to be with him so that we may become more like him.

Sundays  • One semester class • Fall 2018
Instructors: Ryan Harmon, Ben Miller, Dan Zach

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