Learn names, share stories, enjoy a meal together – because we’re better together.

Helping Make our Big Church Feel Smaller

Sections are made up of people who connect weekly by sitting in the same section of the auditorium when we gather together as the church.

Where do you sit?

We believe Sections provide opportunities to cultivate more meaningful relationships. Each seat holds uniquely-wired people with different personalities, gifts and life stories.

Please don’t worry! This isn’t a program that everyone is forced into. Sit where you feel most comfortable and only join in the opportunities that are right for you.

We know you like meeting new people and seeing new places. Feel free to keep moving around, and if you would like deeper relationships, find a Section that you can regularly connect with throughout your travels.

We know that’s your seat and that you have not moved for years. You’re not alone. Most of the people in your Section have been there for a while too. Take the time to say hi, learn a name and even write it down, and be sure to say hi next week.

They are there for a reason and it’s not just to provide a buffer zone around you. It’s actually a reminder of the mission we are all on with Jesus. Keep praying and watching. At some point, that friend or family member might actually be sitting there.

Get Connected

Say hi to the people sitting around you!

Come a little bit earlier or stay a few minutes later and have a conversation.

Attend a Section party!

Section Parties

A great way to connect with your Section is through our regular Section parties, like a potluck after the service. Your Section Leader will communicate these types of opportunities specifically to your Section.

Find Your Next Section Party

Want to help in your Section?

Every section has teams that help make it a warm and welcoming place with opportunities to greet others, plan events, clean up after the section parties and a range of other opportunities. We’d love to share how you can be involved.

Get Involved
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Connection Moments

Connections Staff

Ninja masters of extraordinary potlucks.

Josh Luse
Connections Pastor
D'Anna Attanasio
Special Events Coordinator & Administrative Assistant: Care
Stacey Pavel
Administrative Assistant: Connections

Let’s talk.

Whether you have questions or are ready to get involved, we are eager to help. Fill out our form and someone will be in touch faster than you can say “sesquipecialism.”

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