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Upcoming Engagement Trips

September 15-21, 2019
Partner: Aruna Project
Team Size: 8

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November 17-23, 2019
Beirut, Lebanon
Partner: Heart for Lebanon
Team Size: 8

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March 7-13, 2020
Rivas, Nicaragua
Partner: Compassion International
Team Size: 20

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Our Engagement

At Lincoln Berean, we have a long history of engagement in God’s global mission, with missionaries in numerous places around the world. All are engaged in difficult work; some are engaged in dangerous contexts. Each would covet our prayers.

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Global Outreach Map

34 U.S.-based missionaries

24 foreign-based missionaries

100+ indigenous church planters

Long-Term Missions

Lincoln Berean is committed to sending teams of people to engage in the work of church planting in places of great need. We believe God is calling people to His work, and we want to help in the discernment of that calling and preparation to go.

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Is Everyone Called?

Is Everyone Called? It's that time of year when students have just walked across a stage and received their diploma. Some will head on to more schooling but many will decide that they've just had enough, no more school. For those who have come to that point, and for many of us even years after that "I'm done with school" moment, the question that quickly m [...]

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Global Outreach Staff

Connoisseurs of black coffee, jet lag and reaching the nations.

Ryan Harmon
Directional Pastor / Global Outreach Pastor
Jason H.
Global Engagement Pastor*
Scott Harris
Global Sustainability Pastor

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