CORE 201 // Essential Christian Beliefs
6:30PM - 8:00PM
This event is part of a series starting 9/5/2018 and ending 12/12/2018
Purpose of the Core Classes
The purpose of the Core Classes at Lincoln Berean Church (LBC) is to ground God’s people in those fundamental portions of Scripture and theology that clearly outline who God is, his intention in creating humans, and to outline his ongoing salvific work on behalf of his creation through his Son, Jesus, and the empowering presence of his Holy Spirit.

Purpose of the Class
Essential Christian Beliefs is a semester-long study in the foundational doctrines or beliefs that the Christian Church has held since its earliest days. This class will be both theological and devotional - intentional effort will be made to help believers see the link between their beliefs and their actions.

Class is taught by Mark Mathewson and Josh Luse.
Book cost is included in registration cost // $22 for workbook and the book "Theology: The Basics" by Alister McGrath
If sharing a book with another registrant please contact us.