CORE Elective // Making Sense of the New Testament
9:00AM - 10:15AM
This event is part of a series starting 1/6/2019 and ending 3/24/2019
Purpose of the Series
The purpose of the Core Classes at Lincoln Berean Church (LBC) is to ground God’s people in those fundamental portions of Scripture and theology that clearly outline who God is, his intention in creating humans, and to outline his ongoing salvific work on behalf of his creation through his Son, Jesus, and the empowering presence of his Holy Spirit.

Purpose of the Class
This class is designed to help those who want a better understanding of the larger story of the New Testament, how it fits together with and completes the story of the Old Testament, and how each of the New Testament books contributes to the overall biblical story of redemption. Important to our understanding of the New Testament will be a look at some of the significant events that occurred between the end of the Old Testament period and the time of Jesus.

Class is taught by Mark Mathewson.
**Each person planning to attend will need to register.
**Each registrant will also need access to the required book:
"How God Became King" by N.T. Wright-cost is $10
(Book can be shared or purchased on own)
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