Women // Equip Her Tuesday Morning Class
9:00AM - 11:30AM
D203 (Use North Entry)
This event is part of a series starting 1/15/2019 and ending 4/9/2019
Childcare available (See Tuesday Morning Childcare)

Choose from one of these three electives:

MUMs (Moms Uplifting Moms)
A place to gather with other mothers of preschoolers and be led by older moms who have “been there”. At this pivotal time in life, we’d like to equip you as a woman of God using The Quest DVD series with Beth Moore. You’ll explore God’s Word, learn life lessons from guest speakers, and engage in group discussion and prayer time.
Homework: Daily scripture readings encouraged
Cost:$15 (Quest study included)

Selah // Teachers: Stacey Kuszak & Renee Meyer
A special place set aside for Moms with school age kids (K-12 grade). We pause from Mom Life and gather to pursue God. Together, we’ll experience the book of Ruth in a study called, “Seeing God in Your Story.” Learn to live out your faith in practical ways in the midst of marriage, mothering, and friendship.
Homework: 20-30 min/day
Cost: $15 (workbook included)

Let Women Teach Us // Teacher: Kathy Bowman
Scripture is full of stories of wives, working women, leaders and mothers; each had a choice to follow God or not. What we learn from them can help us navigate our own walk of faith. Open your heart as we explore life lessons from 9 women of the Bible.
Homework: 30-60 min/week
Cost: $15 (workbook included)

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