Global Outreach // Mongolia 2020 Trip

Murun is the capital of Khuvsgul province located in northern Mongolia.  The Gospel is fairly new to this part of the world.  As far as is known the first believers ever in this province came to know Christ in the mid-1990s.  With just around 25 years of Christian history in this part of the world, there are still many who have had no real contact with the Gospel message.  Seventy years of a failed communist experiment along with a world view deeply rooted in Shamanism and Tibetan Buddhism have left many feeling there is no real hope.  Alcoholism is widespread and far too often the sins of the fathers are repeated in the next generation.  Cornerstone gym was founded with the purpose of using sports and English teaching to establish relationships with young people that bring them to understand the transformational freedom of the Gospel to the glory of Jesus.
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