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The Christian life is not meant to be lived alone – we are better together!

We’re learning to live.

The last few years have made it clearer than ever – God designed us for relationships! We’re excited to live out our vision – coming together to know Jesus, become more like Him, and help others do the same – in Life Groups.

Life Groups offer a weekly “living room” gathering to help you figure out what to do on Monday with what you heard over the weekend. The following group types are available:

Young Adults (20s + 30s)
Young Couples (20s + 30s)
Families with Children (some with childcare)
Multigenerational (18+)
Adults (40+)
Adults (Senior)

What is a Life Group?
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Winter Session Registration Is Open!

Deadline to register is January 16, 2022

(Note: Married? Joining a group with your spouse? We’d appreciate it if both individuals would sign up separately.)

Intro Life Groups

Are you having a difficult time finding a group that seems like a good fit for you? Did you miss the group session sign-up deadline? Or maybe you’d like to learn more about what groups are before you join one?

Join us from January 23-February 13, 2022, for a four-week Intro Life Group class led by our Life Groups Pastor on Sunday mornings. We spend time at round tables answering questions, discussing our relationship with God, and sharing about our own spiritual journeys. At the end of the four weeks, participants may have the opportunity to form an ongoing Life Group!

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Life Groups:

  • Are small gatherings of people (10-14) that meet weekly
  • Are sermon-based, meaning group discussion is based on the questions posted from the most recent weekend’s sermon
  • Consist of a fall session, a winter session, and a spring session, then take a break for the summer
  • Are open to new members (at the beginning of each session)
  • Meet consistently during a session
  • Allow members to exit gracefully (in order to seek a better fit)
  • Are intentional in utilizing break periods to rest

In a Life Group you will:

  • Engage the truth of the Word of God with each other in order to live according to it each day
  • Be authentic about the joys and struggles of life
  • Experience community (support, encouragement, challenge) with one another
  • Seek to serve and love the world around you

Fall and winter sessions last ten weeks, spring session lasts five weeks, and we take a break in the summer. Groups meet weekly for an hour and a half.

Some Life Groups will meet online, others in-person – a few are even hybrids! Look at the location and the description to see your options.

Registration is typically open for a few weeks before a sessions starts, and depending on whether open spots fill up entirely, may remain open for a few weeks after the start of a session. Once registration closes for a session, you will have to wait until the next session to register for a group.

When registration is open, simply scroll through the list of groups above and sign up with your name, phone number, and email, and you’ll get 1) a confirmation email that you’re signed up and 2) an email from the group leader before your first meeting.

Yes, both individuals should sign up for the same group separately.

Discussion Questions:

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Life Groups Staff

Helping people get connected – to do life together.

Matt Meyer
Life Groups Pastor
Ben Miller
Family Pastor / Shepherding DT Manager
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Life Groups + Care Coordinator
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Administrative Assistant - Shepherding Ministry