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“I have to tell you: I believe with all my heart that the best days for Lincoln Berean are still ahead. I’m very optimistic about this new generation of leaders, this remnant of leaders—they love Jesus! They are passionate about the mission.”  – Bryan Clark

Bryan Clark, Senior Pastor

“The Bible refers to the Christian life as a race. Each of us should seek to run our race as best we can in order to win. However, as the church we’re more like a track team. We all have a role to play to help the team win which must include putting the fastest runners on the track each race. At some point every runner slows down and a new runner needs to take his or her place. To fail to keep making those changes means eventually the team will no longer win races. 

Over my years as a pastor, I’ve noticed many senior pastors stay too long and hinder the team’s ability to keep winning races. At some point we simply no longer have the energy, vision and drive that we once had. It’s not burnout or discouragement but simply a reality as we age. 

Each situation is different, but for me I believe it’s time for me to begin the process of transition so we can get a fresh leader on the team while we’re still winning races. Ultimately the mission of the church must always take priority over the comfort or convenience of any staff member. I hope you join us for this very exciting chapter in the Lincoln Berean Church story.”

To learn more, check out Bryan’s sermon Passing the Baton’ 

The Plan

Phase One
Current Phase

Search for and identify the candidate for the next Senior Pastor.

Phase Two

Hire the candidate for Senior Pastor and have him serve as an Associate Pastor. He would have various responsibilities including serving as a Directional Pastor (senior leader) and on the elder board. At this point he would only preach a few times.

Phase Three

The candidate would assume the role of Senior Pastor. This would include all the responsibilities of the Senior Pastor role except primary preaching pastor. Bryan would remove himself from the Staff Directional Team and elder board but remain the primary preaching pastor for 18-24 months. The new Senior Pastor would preach occasionally.

Phase Four

When it is clear to both the elder board and the new Senior Pastor this is a good fit for the future of Lincoln Berean Church, the Senior Pastor would assume the primary preaching role and Bryan would transition out of that role. At this point the transition is complete.

Update from the Search Team

We continue to wait upon God for the person He has prepared. We are content and confident to wait upon the Lord for as long as it takes to find the right person to be the next Senior Pastor of Lincoln Berean. There is no necessity for transition on any certain date. We are thankful for Bryan continuing to lead and teach and He will fully and faithfully do so for as long as it takes for God to provide the right person to come and begin the transition process. In the meantime, we continue to focus on advancing the mission of His Church while also seeking to actively do our part in the search process. We are very thankful to all those in our Body who join us in working to accomplish the mission and who, simultaneously, join us in prayer regarding His plan and provision for the future of Lincoln Berean.

Interested or know someone who might be?

As our Senior Pastor transitions out of his role after 25 years, Lincoln Berean Church is looking for someone who will humbly lead the church, oversee a team-based staff, and teach Scriptures exegetically in a thoughtful and relevant way.

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April 8, 2018 // Sermon // ‘Passing the Baton’ – Bryan Clark