serve day 2022 // leader’s page

Thank you for your willingness to be the Serve Day Point Leader for your group! We hope this page provides helpful information for getting your group registered for the big day.

Propose a Project

As a Point Leader, you have the opportunity to propose your own project. This could be for helping a neighbor, someone you know could use help, or a non-profit that isn’t already listed.

You can email your proposed project to Megan. Please include:

  • project name
  • time your project will take place
  • names of members who will be serving
  • t-shirt sizes for each member (including kids who will be serving), and
  • whether you have space for others to join your project

See your Serve Day Group

Since this is open to the whole church, you might have someone join your project who isn’t already a part of your Life Group. You can use this platform to see who has joined, add new members, and communicate important details.


We have put together a few of resources here to help you be as successful as possible for Serve Day. You can also see a general FAQ on the main Serve Day page.

Here are a few documents to help get you started!

Learn More: Serve Day Project Ideas

Learn More: Serve Day Project Guide + Instructions

If someone has been added to your group and did not use the Opportunity Finder, he or she will need to fill out a waiver form.

Please use the link provided to ensure that everyone in your group has filled out the waiver.

Waiver Form

Let’s talk…

Do you have questions about Serve Day? We would be delighted to answer those! Please use the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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