care + support

Whether it’s with one of our many staff or a gifted community member, there are people here who would love to walk with you through this moment.


As a church family, we believe in and are committed to praying for one another. There are opportunities to request prayer as well as to pray for others.

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Some problems need a face-to-face conversation. We’re ready to help.

Spiritual Care

Do you need someone to listen? Here you will find a safe place and person to talk to, one-on-one, in the midst of life’s challenging issues.

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You’re not alone. We have resources to help.

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Support Groups

Support groups at Lincoln Berean provide connection, support and hope in a small group setting. These groups, with others, offer help for those experiencing similar difficult circumstances.

Support + Recovery

At times the pain and struggles we face can feel overwhelming. We offer care and guidance through several support groups.

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Celebrate Recovery

We are a safe, loving place where people are helped to overcome addictions, childhood wounds, various traumas, codependency, depression, anger, etc.

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Pastoral Care

Our team is here to offer support and resources if you are experiencing a significant life event or need assistance with basic needs. Let us know how we can best pray and care for you.


Every one of us experience challenges in our lives. Every one of us have seasons where we are especially in need of prayer or someone to walk with us. In those moments, our On-Call Team is here to come alongside you.

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We know you have a lot of questions about the details of getting married, and we’ll help navigate through that.

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Lincoln Berean considers it a privilege to help families in time of need.

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Care + Support Staff

We’re ready to walk with you, so reach out today.

Ben Miller
Director, Care (Pastor)
Eric Kuehl
Associate Director, Support + Recovery (Pastor)
Kyle Helmink
Associate Director, Premarital + Counseling (Pastor)
Terri Kessner
Associate Director, Celebrate Recovery