Advent Devotionals // WEEK 1

28 // NOVEMBER 2021

Advent is a time of waiting in darkness. In Isaiah’s day, Israel experienced dark days of widespread paganism, injustice, and foreign threats. They waited for God to do something—to send the promised deliverer. Like the ancient Jews, we to live in a world of darkness. And like them, we too wait for the same deliverer to return and complete the work he began that first Advent. How much are you longing for the return of the Messiah?

29 // NOVEMBER 2021

Wanting Jesus to come to put the world right can be a risky request. For Jesus to come means he will not only vindicate the righteous but condemn the unrighteous. Are we really ready for the Rescuer to come? Will he find us faithful when he returns? Only those who are faithful to Jesus can say with confidence, “Come and rescue us.” Are you ready?

30 // NOVEMBER 2021

It’s easy to let the darkness and corruption of our world cause us to despair. Despair haunted God’s people in Isaiah’s time. But the faithful maintained hope in God and his promise to send a deliverer. With Jesus’ birth, God kept his promise. We too can trust the promises of this same God. Our hope amid our dark world is the glorious appearing of our Savior, Jesus. (Titus 2:11-14)

1 // DECEMBER 2021

Israel’s hope of a Rescuer rested in the arrival of a king in David’s line. After God’s promise that a descendant of David would sit on Israel’s throne forever (1 Samuel 7), the search was on. The books of First and Second Kings chronicle that search. None of the kings mentioned was that king. The nation would have to wait to meet her Rescuer until a Galilean baby was born in Bethlehem. Are you putting your hope in the world’s leaders to solve life’s problems, or in the coming King?

2 // DECEMBER 2021

Sin is not a popular topic, yet, it is a reality of our world. Sin and its corrupting effects make life burdensome. We search for ways to make life less difficult but our efforts seem to fail. Christians know there is a solution to life’s despair and disappointments—Jesus. His birth we celebrate this season of the year, his return we long for to put our world right. Who or what do you look to as a solution to life’s problems?

3 // DECEMBER 2021

Perhaps of all life’s tragedies, death is the most potent. Death is a constant reminder of the darkness we live in. Advent is a time to ponder this awful reality, and the hope we have that awaits the return of the Promised One. What is your reaction to death? Despair or hope? Advent reminds us that it should be hope.

4 // DECEMBER 2021

One reality of our dark, broken world is loneliness. We, as individuals and the Church, can feel alone to face the world. Like Israel, we need the presence of a Rescuer, Protector, and Provider. The presence of the promised Messiah brought hope, joy, and salvation to God’s people that first Advent. His presence continues to bring the same for God’s people today. Spend time thanking Jesus for his presence with us, and that he has not left us alone.