Restoring Me To Life // Mike and Katie

In moments of desperation we choose to believe that God is good, not on the basis of what we see in this world... because on a daily basis for many, what people see is suffering, pain and struggle. But we believe that God is good based on the promise that Jesus will return One Day, and He will restore all things. He will wipe away every tear, and there will be no more suffering and pain. We look forward to that day.

God Doesn’t Want My Money // Ben & Heidi

As young parents, Ben and Heidi have a lot of things to balance. Kids, work, relationships and of course finances. How do we balance this idea of living generously in the middle of everything else? Most of the choices with our finances come down to these questions, "Do I believe there will be enough?" "How much of my money does God want?"

So Much More // Rachel’s Story

Middle School can be really tough. When Rachel looks in the mirror, she doesn’t like who looks back at her. Have you heard the questions? Who am I? What do I have to do or who do I have to be to fit in? No matter our age, we can still feel the same fears echoing in our hearts. Am I measuring up? Am I good enough to be loved?

Faithful in the Little Things // Rick Schwarz

The Bible is packed with stories where God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Many times God asks us to be a part of something completely overwhelming to us. He asked Rick to do something just like that. The big question for all of us is; What are we going to do next?