Welcome to Essentials

Posted August 28, 2017 — by Ryan Harmon

From the outset, we thought it would be good to explain a little bit about the purpose this blog serves.

First, we wanted to create a place for interaction with the course material we will be presenting each week. So, following class on Wednesday night, one of the teachers (or a guest blogger that attends the class) will post either a summary, a few further thoughts, or a reaction to the content. Our hope is that many of you will then be able to interact in the comments section at the bottom of each blog.

Second, there will be certain things, due to time constraints, that cannot be shared in class. This blog will provide a venue to engage in further teaching and learning.

Third, and finally, there might be certain books, articles, or resources that we think it would be good to share with those that want to dig deeper on some of these issues. This blog provides a place for those items to be linked or uploaded so that the class can have easy and quick access to them.

Looking forward to the class and the growth we pray will come about from our study together.