Today was another full, thought provoking day. We started the day with some quiet time by the Arabian Sea and then made our way back to the Red Light Area for the remainder of our time. While at Savera, Terrence led the devotional and Bob led the “life skill” time. Both of them knocked it out of the park! We were also blessed to have Ryan and April Berg (Aruna founders) with us today. These guys have been a huge blessing to have with us and we are so thankful for what they are doing!

To finish out the day, we spent a few hours going into the brothels and met with more women. As expected, this time continually presents us with difficult questions and feelings. While we are all processing the events differently, we can all agree that God is at work and that Aruna Project is making a significant impact in this area. Even in some of the darkest corners of the brothels we have clearly seen God at work prior to us showing up. Thank you so much for your prayers!

The team is healthy and everyone is doing well! Hope you enjoy the photos!