After a few unexpected adventures along the way, we found ourselves in Managua last night! Thanks for the travel prayers. 

Today we spent time learning about Compassion’s survival program. The survival program focuses on promoting development and survival of the most vulnerable babies while also providing education and support for the mother. And yes, these babies were super cute. And yes, I am sure many of the members of the team could have stayed there the entire trip. :) However, we eventually had to leave, but we were blessed with the opportunity to visit several different homes of mothers who were in the program. While this was a blessing in many ways, this was also a tough moment for many of us as it brought us face to face with the realities of material poverty. 

Later this evening we spent time talking through the things we became aware of throughout the day. This was a great time of sharing and I am really thankful for a team that is willing to get real and talk about things in an authentic way. We’ve opened the can on some hard conversations so please be praying for each of us as we do a little open heart surgery because things can be a little tender. Also please pray that we will stay united as a team in the process of working from an awareness of what is going on around us to an understanding of what it means and what God has to say about it. 

We appreciate your prayers and support to get us to this point! Tomorrow we will have a few more home visits along with a service project to help a local church. Time to get our sweat on!