Thanks again for the prayers! Today was definitely a unifying day both within our team and with the church we partnered with today. Prayers were answered. 

We spent the majority of the day serving a church. We dug trenches to bury water lines, painted the inside of the church and planted various things around the church. There were a few people from our group who happened to have kids they sponsored from this church so they got to do home visits with them and see where they lived. Needless to say, this was a special time for them! 

While we accomplished many “good works” today, the thing that gets us most excited were the relationships that were formed. The team did such a great job of balancing work with relationships. It was so easy to connect with the members of the church because of how loving they were and how well they served us from the minute we arrived. We were humbled to see kids waiting on the road with signs and balloons a quarter mile away from the church. The welcome party was amazing and one we won’t soon forget. 

Tomorrow we will be heading to Berean’s official partner church “Roca Eterna”, where we will be spending time with leadership and putting on a VBS with the kids. We are stoked for this! Afterwards we will jump on a ferry and head to a volcano island. Yep… volcano island. Should be a blast! (hopefully not). :)

Please continue to pray for God to do his work in our hearts and for us to continue to work alongside him and not in our own strength. Today was a blessing and our hearts are full. We can feel the prayers and today was confirmation that we are indeed working alongside God’s work.