Life Groups // Fall 2020 // Week 10

Posted November 14, 2020 — Lincoln Berean

Why Are You Weeping? // John 20:1-31

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In chapter 20, John gives us eyewitness testimony from those who experienced Jesus after His resurrection – Mary Magdalene, a group of His disciples, and Thomas. The death, burial, and now the resurrection complete Jesus’ journey to the cross. There’s much for us to consider as we affirm our belief this week.

We don’t provide a lot of space for your answers to these questions, so we suggest having a journal handy to write down your thoughts. You’re not expected to have time for all these questions during your online meeting, but we encourage you to reflect on them and jot down thoughts on your own.

Getting to Know Each Other (Suggested time: 30 min)

Begin your group time by learning more about each other. Open up and have some fun! Here are some suggestions to get your conversation started:

  • We began this study in John back on September 8, 2019! Share a significant life event that’s shaped your view of God over that time.
  • How have you benefited from being part of a Life Group this session?

Getting Started

Begin to transition into group discussion.

1) Open group discussion with prayer. Here are a few potential prayer items:

  • For the Spirit of God to lead you in truth
  • For openness to what you’re learning together
  • For friendships to deepen and grow 

2) Invite someone (or a couple of people) to read John 20 to the group.

Study Questions (Suggested time: 40 min)

Please complete these questions prior to your group’s meeting time.

1) In chapter 19, John made sure we understood that he was an eyewitness to the death and burial of Jesus. Why might it also be important for him to give us these accounts of Jesus’ resurrection in chapter 20?

2) Mary Magdalene didn’t immediately recognize Jesus and even thought He was the gardener (vs. 14-15). What might have caused her confusion?

  • Mary didn’t see Jesus for who He really was until she heard His voice. Read John 10:26-28 and discuss how this relates to Mary’s belief in her risen Lord.
  • Seeing how Jesus responded to Mary’s pain and questioning, how might you expect Him to meet you in times of grief? Share, if you have your own experience.

3) When Jesus appeared to His disciples as they huddled in fear, He spoke peace to their troubled hearts and affirmed the role He’d given them in His Kingdom. Look up the following references and write down the instructions Jesus gave His followers in each instance:

  • John 17:18
  • Matthew 10:7-8
  • Luke 9:1-2

Jesus was consistent in sending his followers into the world to care for others and tell them about Himself. Have you been challenged by Jesus to step out of fear and into serving His Kingdom in recent weeks? If so, please share with your group. If not, how can you serve Him in this way this week?

4) One of the things we notice about Thomas is that he was honest about his doubts and processed them with others who believed. If you have doubts at times, how do you handle those doubts? Discuss them with close friends? Talk to God about them? Would you be willing to share how that looks in your life?

5) John has given us evidence from prophetic and eyewitness accounts to make a case for why we should believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God.

  • So, what difference has it made in your life?
  • If you believe in Jesus, can you briefly describe your reasons?
  • Was there a point that you noticed your doubt change to belief?

If you would like to learn more about opportunities to witness or participate in God’s kingdom in Lincoln and around the world, contact or checkout this Facebook Group:

Group Prayer (Suggested time: 10 min)

  • Take a moment or two to consider what John means when he says, “by believing you may have life in His name.” As thoughts of how Jesus brings life, redemption, and grace come to mind, take turns speaking them in simple sentence prayers, “Jesus, thank you for being ________.” or “Lord, I praise you for ___________.”
  • This is a group prayer time where each person in the group will pray. Before you start, tell everyone that if someone is not comfortable praying out loud in the group setting, they can pray privately and say “Amen” when they are finished. That will let the next person know it is their turn to pray. The group leader will start the prayer time.
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