Life Groups // Fall 2021 // Week 1

Posted September 10, 2021 — Lincoln Berean

Connecting & Reconnecting // September 11-12, 2021

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Welcome to the first week of the Fall Session of Life Groups! You may be reconnecting with your group after taking the summer off or maybe this is your first time in a group. Either way, we hope this time of connecting with others and discussing the scriptures is enriching to your life and encourages you to reach out in love to others. 


This first week is a bit different. Even though we started in Acts 13 this past weekend, we will not be discussing the sermon in depth. Acts 13 and 14 are really one story in two parts, so we will see the end of the story next week and discuss it then.   


We want you to use this week to reconnect with your group or connect for the first time. We’ve given you some suggested questions below or your leader(s) might have something different planned so you might not use these questions at all! 

For Life Groups that are meeting for the first time:

1) Go around the circle and ask everyone to answer these “H” questions. 

Hello - Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

History - What brought you to LBC/Life Group?  

Hobby - What do you enjoy doing?  

Happy - What is a place, activity or person that is your happy place?  


2) If you want to dig a little deeper, ask everyone to answer the following prompts. 

What is the favorite place you have visited? 

What place would you like to visit? 

What is something few people may know about you? 

Describe your family. 

Describe your faith background. 

Describe a person or event that influenced who you are today.

For Life Groups that are reconnecting:

If you have a couple of new members in your group you might want to have everyone answer the questions above before continuing with the questions below. 

What did you do this summer? 

What is happening in your life/family right now? 

How did God work in your life this summer? 

What spiritual practices is God using to help you be aware of His presence and hear His voice? 

How are you currently asking God to work in your life? 

Was there anything that stood out to you about the sermon on Acts 13 this past weekend? 

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