Marriage & Parenting // Couples Connecting Series (Group 1)
10:45AM - 12:00PM
Y110 (Finished Side of Youth Complex)
This event is part of a series starting 10/7/2018 and ending 5/5/2019
Being a parent is a wonderful blessing from God and gives our lives so much fulfillment and purpose. Yet parenting brings some of life’s biggest challenges along with it. It’s so helpful to have other couples in the same life stage to lean on as you go through different phases of parenting. At Berean, we’re blessed to have hundreds of couples just like you who are parenting young kids, and we want to get you connected!

Starting September 9, we’ll be hosting monthly gatherings with the purpose of helping couples get connected to other couples, along with teaching on topics relevant to marriage and parenting young kids. While there will be opportunities to learn something every month, one of the primary goals of these events is to help you build friendships at Berean.

We have availability for up to 50 couples who have kids from birth through 5th grade to gather together monthly. Half of the group will meet on the first Sunday of the month and the other half will meet on the second Sunday, except for September 9, where both groups will meet as one. Below are the dates for Group 1.

Group 1 Dates

September 9
October 7
November 4
December 2
January 6
February 3
March 3
April 7
May 5

Facilitator: Rod Zach

No cost.

New groups forming. If interested, please contact Whitney.
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