Global Outreach // Mexico Trip
12:00AM - 11:45PM
Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the world. Just like other large cities, it is full of people whose lives are marked by poverty, hunger, and desperate need. This trip will offer the possibility of interacting with the poor of Mexico City’s through our relationship with a ministry called Hope of the Poor. With Hope of the Poor we will serve “the least of these” in trash dumps and on the streets, sharing the compassion of Jesus by being his hands and feet. While in Mexico City we will also visit children who have been given hope through sponsorship with Compassion. The last leg of this trip will take us out of Mexico City and to an orphanage named Bread of Life (Pan de Vida) where Lincoln Berean Missionaries are working to bring the hope of the gospel to more than 60 children growing up there.

Trip Dates: 2/9/19 - 2/17/19

Day 1–Travel to Mexico City, Mexico
Day 2–Church and serving with Hope of the Poor
Day 3-6-Spending time in the trash heaps of Mexico City with Hope of the Poor
Day 7–Spend time with sponsored kids through Compassion
Day 8–Visit orphanage and spend time with local missionaries
Day 9–Church and head home

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