Pan de Vida (Bread of Life) is an orphanage in Queretaro, Mexico. This orphanage currently has about 45 children in it. About 80% of the children are placed in this orphanage through the government’s social service program and the remaining 20% are from parents who reach out to Pan de Vida on their own, asking for help. The orphanage has a school, a church, dorms, a gym and a football field within its compound. Ginger and Enrique Rodriguez are missionaries who are from Lincoln Berean. Between running the school, teaching at the church and caring for over 45 kids, they are being used in many ways. Pan de Vida focuses on the holistic care of each child and desires to see these kids break free from the difficult situations which had previously shaped their lives. After graduating from high school, the kids are encouraged to go to college and are provided halfway houses as a way to continue to support them as they adjust to a self sustaining lifestyle. <
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