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Posted August 22, 2018 — by Global Outreach

Mexico City, Mexico • February 9-17, 2019

Where are we headed?

This trip is headed to one of the most massive cities in the world! The Mexico City metropolitan area is the largest city in the Western Hemisphere and home to hundreds of thousands of people living in abject poverty. The majority of the trip will be in the heart of Mexico City but we will also visit missionaries of ours just two hours north in a town called Queretaro.

Why are we going?

How much time do you have?!? We could list loads of reasons to go but we’ll stick to some just two: (1) Because Jesus tells us to serve the “least of these” and while that certainly points us to serving in our own city, we also go abroad because our compassion compels us! (2) Because it causes us to grow! When we go we get to see God work in fresh ways and that strengthens our faith.

Who can go?

Can you make a taco and hand it to someone with love? Then this trip is for you! The only requirement due to the nature of the trip is that you be at least 16 years old to participate.

How much does it cost?

$1,000. This covers your transportation, food, and a bed (what more do you need?) as well as work supplies and activities. You’re on your own for the cost of vaccinations and passport fees (If you need one or renewal).

What if I don’t have that much money?

Who does?!? All of the trips that occur through Lincoln Berean Church require that participants raise the necessary funding so don’t let money stop you. Actually, raising money is actually a very cool part of this experience and allows others to join you in the the work you’ll be doing – they’ll be encouraged to support you!  Don’t worry though, you won’t be on your own – we will talk more about the financial stuff and help you generate ideas for how to raise funds.

Is there a deposit?

A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required as part of your application for this trip and can be paid by cash, credit or check.

How do I sign up?

We thought you’d never ask. The easiest way to sign up is by heading to our website www.lincolnberean.org/globaloutreach and filling out an application and sending it back to us. Piece of cake. Once your app has been received and we’ve been able to confirm there is still room for you on the trip, all we will need is for you to pay your non-refundable deposit and your spot will be guaranteed. So – a head’s up – don’t consider the process complete until the deposit is received you’ve heard from us and sent in your deposit.

What happens if more than enough people sign up? How do you decide who gets to go?

Yeah…this part stinks. We can’t take everyone so sign ups will occur on a first come first served basis. Once the trip has reached its maximum number, sign-ups will close and applications will no longer be accepted for that trip. Sorry (*single tear runs down our face*).

What work will I be doing?

On this trip we will mainly be finding tangible ways to love and serve the poor. Without a doubt, you’ll be serving up some grub but you will also probably kick a few soccer balls, maybe paint some nails (I’m talking to you, fellas), and listen with intentionality to people that no one in the world thinks are worth listening to.

What if I can’t do the work?

You can.

Will I really get a chance to see my Compassion kid that I sponsor?

Yes! Or…if you don’t have a Compassion kid, you can get one!

What else will we do?

We’ll eat some great food in Mexico City and see some local highlights. We will also probably stay in a convent and, let’s be honest, that’s a cultural experience in and of itself for most of us.

Will I have to preach or pray in front of people?

Probably not but we make no promises that we won’t challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone. It’s most likely that you’ll have the chance to share why Jesus is part of your life and we will make sure you are comfortable with that before we depart.

What is the travel like?

Generally, traveling is the worst. Fortunately, this trip is pretty painless! We’ll be leaving from either Omaha or Lincoln and we’ll have a layover either in Atlanta, Dallas, or Houston. Travel in Mexico will be on either private buses or nice touring coaches.

Can I use miles, fly in business class, or make my own travel plans?

Only if you’d like to book business class for all of us! Our aim on the trip is to have an experience of deepening community while we travel and work alongside one another. This trip is pretty simple so sticking with the group shouldn’t be too painful.

Where are we staying?

We’ll be staying in a convent in Mexico City. Accommodations in other locations will be discussed during our pre-trip meetings.

Is it safe in Mexico?

Contrary to popular belief, Mexico is plenty safe. Now – if you head off the beaten path and break from the group and drive into States that are known to be dangerous, well, that’s a different story. The entire time we are together we will be working with local guides that know where we should be and not be. You will feel safe the entire time as long as you don’t go all Jason Bourne on us break away from the team.

What will we do to prepare for the trip?

We will have a series of meetings leading up to the trip, where you will learn more about Mexico, learn more about what we are doing, meet others who are going and just have a good time.

Anything else you really want to tell me?

If you want to take a vacation to Mexico, we would highly recommend it. Both the east and west coasts of the country are wonderful. That being said, we will not see either coast on this trip and this is not going to feel much like a vacation. We can guarantee that you will never forget this experience but for different reasons than what typical Mexican vacations normally entail. It sounds corny, but we think the faces of those your serve will be a more memorable sight than a boring white sand beach anyway.

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