Women // Leslie Vernick 2018 Conference-Be Brave, Grow Strong
7:00PM - 4:00PM
Main Auditorium
Have you ever been knocked down or felt overwhelmed with life? Betrayed, abused or thrown away by someone you thought loved you? Or just felt too small or too scared to boldly and freely live your life?

You know God’s word is supposed to change you but you feel stuck in a rut, afraid, or aren’t sure how informational truth becomes transformational truth. You are not alone. And you can’t change alone. God has hardwired us to thrive with connection and grow in community. At this conference for women only, you will gain the tools to find the freedom and grace to become all God made you to become. Join other like-minded women if you’re up for a change, a challenge, and greater courage!

Friday, 7:00-8:30pm; Saturday 9:00am-4:00pm
Registration $67 through September 30, $97 beginning October 1